Sreekar Scribbles

Why Coffee Can't Be Chai?

Hyderabad is known for 2 things!

One, Biryani. The other, Chai (Tea).

Although I'm from Hyderabad, I was never a fan of chai. I always loved coffee. ☕️

Why? 2 reasons:

Trust me, give me 90 minutes after a cup of coffee, and I'm a productivity machine!

But lately, I've been exploring chai. And I noticed something chai can do to Hyderabadis that coffee can't.

Chai brings people together like nothing else!

In Hyderabad, hardly anyone sips chai solo. You'll usually find a group of friends or colleagues hanging out at the chai dukaan (tea shop), enjoying their chai.

And guess what? People even travel 20-30 km just for that special chai from a particular chai dukaan.

Chai isn't just a beverage for us Hyderabadi folks—it's an experience! 🫶

Conversely, coffee is more of a solo vibe for most people.

If you find a group at a coffee shop in Hyderabad, they're probably there for a work session or a meeting.

When you swing by Hyderabad, chances for someone asking, "Chai peene chale" (Let's grab a chai) are more than heading out for coffee.

So, that's the magic of chai for us Hyderabadis—it brings us together in a unique way!

But for me? I enjoy both—chai with the gang and coffee alone.