Sreekar Scribbles

Team Bride

19th April 2024—the day Vidya, our dear friend, got married! 🥳

All our gang members were looking forward to this day. We planned the dress code, gifts, travel, and everything!

And as planned, we attended the wedding in traditional attire (boys: dhoti and kurta, girls: saree, all in white and white). And we were the "Team Bride".

Sreekar Scribbles

The entire wedding went really well! And it's hard to capture every moment in this post, so I'm going with the three most beautiful ones!

🎬 The photoshoot video

The pre-wedding photoshoot video was played on a large screen during the wedding. And for a while, everyone (even the ones on the wedding stage) was glued to the screen! The video was so beautiful! 🫶

Both the bride and groom were absolutely stunning, but Vidya? She totally stole the show. (We're a bit biased since we're proudly Team Bride! 😁)

✨ The Thalambralu

Vidya is our gang’s mom! But at the "Thalambralu," where the bride and groom playfully shower each other with rice, while the groom's sisters pull him back to tease the bride, Vidya totally let her inner kid out! She was all giggles and mischief, totally caught up in the moment.

😁 The million-dollar smile

When Vidya and Pradeep were tying the knot, Vidya's smile was nothing short of spectacular. It was pure joy, encapsulating the essence of the day.

We’re all in agreement—it’s a smile worth a million bucks, and we’re sure Pradeep will keep that smile shining bright.

Here’s to a wonderful life together, Vidya and Pradeep! 🥂