Sreekar Scribbles

Small is risky

Start with something small they say! Why? 'Coz it's easy they say! But is it?

I was just leafing through the pages of "Tools of Titans" and bumped into the podcast episode featuring Seth Godin.

Godin too recommends starting something small. But his reason's a little offbeat! He suggests starting small not because it's easy but risky!

Okay, I had the same WTF expression as you! šŸ˜‚

But guess what? As I read further, my WTF expression turned into an oooo-I-see expression.

Godin says "Small is risky because it's achievable and if you fail, you're really screwed up. But big? Big is safe! It gives you a place to hide!"

When you pick small and fail, you hear a thousand mocking comments. And loads of embarrassment weigh you down. Whereas, if you pick big and fail, hardly anyone makes fun of you 'coz people perceive achieving big as difficult.

But on the contrary, small is more difficult than big. Why? 'coz the stakes are higher when you pick small.

So, small's not easy, my friend! It's difficult. It's risky. And it demands a hell lot of courage. That's why you gotta start something small!

Okay, is that oooo-I-see expression on your face? šŸ˜‰