Sreekar Scribbles

Same Mistake, Different Form

This week, I watched a web series and a couple of movies. And I didn't do much work.

With my productivity hitting bottom, I realized my mistake—spending too much time on entertainment.

So, I came up with the solution—sign out from all the OTT platforms and get back to work.

But after reading Derek Sivers' blog post—Balance Everything—I realized that my solution was actually the same mistake in a different form.

Spending too much time on entertainment, or spending no/too little time on entertainment—both are extremes.

I cannot rectify a mistake by repeating it.

So, the solution? Balance!

I need to balance my entertainment and work. Instead of signing out of OTT platforms, I need to limit my watch time. This allows me to have fun plus work.

To balance! 🥂