Sreekar Scribbles

Possibilities vs Probabilities

Tomorrow, I'm going on my first solo trip. And unlike my super-organized luggage, my mind's a mess now! 必

Random thoughts like
-what if I miss the train?
-what if I board the wrong train?
-what if I lose my mobile?
-what if I get robbed?
-what if the train halts at a random station due to heavy rains?
on and on....are running in my mind at full throttle!

And the bonus: headache + nervousness + whatnot!

While these wild thoughts driving me crazy, I just remembered a newsletter issue of Ankur Wariko that I read a year ago.

Ankur explained the concept of possibilities vs probabilities.

We often tend to assume the worst possibilities without considering their probabilities.

And guess what? Most times, the probability of the worst possibility is less!

So, all we do is worry about the thing that's least likely to happen.

And recollecting this nugget of wisdom amidst all this chaos was really comforting!

I just realized that all those overwhelming "what-ifs" were actually possibilities with fewer probabilities.

It's just my mind playing tricks with me, and I, like an idiot, falling into its trap over and over.

But not anymore!

I'm not gonna ruin my peace of mind for something that may not even occur.

So, f*ck it! I'm going on a solo trip tomorrow! And I'm gonna have loads and loads of fun!

And even if some shit happens, I WILL FIGURE IT OUT!!