Sreekar Scribbles

Nothing until goodbye

One of my friends is moving to a new city for higher education. And tbh, neither of us gave a damn about it.

I was like yeah tomorrow he's going, and he was like yeah I'm going tomorrow. That's how we were throughout the day.

We watched Oppenheimer, ate Shah Ghouse biryani, and returned home. Yeah, just like always.

And then there came a moment!

When we bid goodbye, everything — our 2-3 hour long chats, debates, discussions, movies we watched, projects we built, night walks, bike rides, and restaurants we went to — all flashed in my mind in that one moment.

20 years of friendship! I just relived 20 long years of our friendship in that one moment!

I don't know if he had experienced the same or different or nothing but whatever I did — was beautiful! 🫶