Sreekar Scribbles

No screen-entertainment for a week

I'm a freelance content writer. And most of the tasks I do — research, strategy, writing, and editing — involve screen staring.

So, if I go no screen, I'll end up with no money! 😅

But guess what? I can at least go no-screen-entertainment!

Okay, lemme break it down! I'm gonna let go of all the entertainment via screen — YouTube, Instagram, web series, and movies — for a whole week!

Starting today, I uninstalled Instagram, disabled YouTube, and logged out of all the OTT platforms. And for WhatsApp messages, I decided to text only when needed!

So, yeah, no YouTube, no Instagram, no OTT, and occasional WhatsApp for a week!

Okay, everything sounds good! But hey, there's something missing — my entertainment! 🥲

Well, I decided to read more novels and short stories this week! And also, listen to some podcasts. I hope that'll do the trick!

And this Sunday, I'm gonna let you know how it all went! So, stay tuned!