Sreekar Scribbles

My First Solo Trip: Day #0

Sreekar Scribbles

Incessant rains, trains halting at random stations, red alerts issued by the government — amidst all these, I had my train at 9:05 PM to Banglore!

Should I cancel my trip? — I battled with this question for hours until the following conversation happened.

Me: It's raining cats and dogs! Should I cancel my trip?

Aravind: It's a decision between comfort and adventure!

That's it! That was all I needed! I just made up my mind that I wouldn't sulk in my comfort zone, rather I'd seek adventure this time. And I did!

I started packing my bags. I calculated every permutation and combination and made sure I had everything I needed in my bag. (You'll know how this overpacking turned out later! 😂)

Then, out of the blue, a message popped up saying my train seat had been upgraded from 3AC to 2AC.

Okay, it was a MIRACLE!!

You'll get a confirmed seat in Indian Railways only if you book your tickets at least three weeks in advance. And I got an upgrade — something that's pretty rare!

With such an amazing start, my excitement skyrocketed! I was super happy and all ready!

My dad returned from the office at 5:30 PM. He insisted that he'd drop me off at the station.

I had an early supper, put my jacket on, and was all set to seek some adventure. Then, came my relatives.🥲

And my dad was like "Let's have a cup of tea and we'll leave".

That cup of tea plus conversations with relatives went on for more than 30 mins. And this time it's my anxiety that skyrocketed! I was worried I'd miss my train.

But due to less traffic, we reached 45 mins early. And my dad started the train tutorial session! He explained how to locate the platform, coach, and berth with all the extraaaaa details and cautions! (Just Indian parenting things! 😅)

Finally, I boarded the train and another miracle happened! I got the side lower berth — the one every passenger craves for!

Sreekar Scribbles

As soon as I hopped on my side lower berth, almost everyone had their eyes on me. They were staring at me! 😬

Soon, one after the other asked for an exchange of berths. And I said no to everyone! Trust me, it felt so good! 😌

But still, I couldn't escape their stare! 👀

So, I decided to pretend to take a nap. I closed the curtains, turned off the lights, and gave a splendid performance of taking a nap! 😂

At 11 PM, when everyone was asleep, I ended my act. I woke up, had some Hide&Seek biskets, and enjoyed the train ride.

I was super happy and super proud of myself! Throughout my life, I have always been dependent on others while traveling but this time, I was on a complete solo trip!

And trust me, it was hard to put what I felt into words! But guess what? I tried. I penned five poems that night!

Wanna read 'em?

Here you go:

Poem #1: Forward

Moving wheels
with a rhythm of its own
heading forward
always forward.

shifting tracks
but still
heading forward
always forward.

Other times,
resting for a while
and then,
heading forward
always forward.

Trees, lights, structures—
the entire world
trying to hold back
yet still
heading forward
always forward.

And today
I made friends with these wheels
and we are together
heading forward
always forward.

Poem #2: I have seen

In a cozy little space of mine
with curtains shut on right
and an open window on left

I have seen plants
I have seen trees,

I have seen farms
I have seen barren lands,

I have seen huts
I have seen towering structures,

I have seen moon
I have seen sun,

— all while on wheels
heading forward
always forward.

Poem #3: Different

With different people
speaking different words
going through different places
I'm on wheels
the moving wheels
heading forward
always forward.

Poem #4: Slow, Swift, Still..

Sometimes, slow
sometimes, swift
and the other times, still
yet somehow
heading forward
always forward.

I hardly slept that night! It was one of the most beautiful journeys I had in my life! 🫶

And the next day at 10:15 AM, I got off the train! Then, another poem happened!😅

Poem #5: I'm moving forward too

Bid bye to moving wheels
and they are on their way
heading forward
and here I am
heading forward too
always forward!

And it was Day #1! And the real adventure began! 😅

to be continued...