Sreekar Scribbles

Loved this offbeat playlist!

I've always been a fan of Spotify. Its UI, UX, features — I just love 'em all!

Recently, I heard from one of my friends that a web series about Spotify has been released. And guess what? I was actually looking forward to something like this 'coz I always wanted to know the backstory of Spotify.

So, with no further ado, I started watching the series "The Playlist". (perfect title btw)

Out of 6 episodes, I finished 3. And so far, it's brilliant!

There's this unique element I loved about this series: showing every side of the story!

Whenever you're presented with a story, the question — What's the other side of this story? – pops up in your mind. And most of the storytellers don't disclose it.

However, it's not the case with "The Playlist". You get to know different sides of the story. Everyone — the founder, the partner, the coder, the investor, the lawyer, the artist — all of 'em share their side of the story.

And I loved this offbeat storytelling! 🫶

From coder to marketer to founder to investor, everyone's a hero in a startup. The Playlist reflects this fact beautifully!

And watching this series, I realized something.

It's this little effort in trying out something different that actually makes all the difference!

The creators of the series could have gone with traditional storytelling, instead, they chose a different form of storytelling, and it turned out to be f*cking awesome!

To offbeat storytelling, to startups, to Spotify, to The Playlist 🥂

Okay, gotta watch 3 more episodes. Will catch you later, byeeee!