Sreekar Scribbles

Let go of fake modesty

I just came across a YouTube Short featuring Shah Rukh Khan.

And I'm 1000% sure you know him. But if you don't, he's an actor and a huuuuuuuge celebrity! He has millions of fans all over the world!

Okay, back to the YouTube Short, SRK was asked if he would like to have his privacy back? And unlike many actors, he replied no!

And I was like "whaaaaat????"

But soon that whaaaaat turned into wooooooow when I watched the Short further.

So, SRK continued "I worked very hard to get this recognition! And I wanna enjoy it with all my heart. I don't wanna wear a mask, put on goggles, and hide from people. Instead, I want people to recognize me, cheer my name out loud, and tear my clothes off!"

And I just loved his reply! 🫶

SRK didn't fake any modesty. He enjoys his success with no shame and pretence!

But guess what? Many people pretend to be modest, not enjoying their success to the fullest.

They say things like it's all because of some higher power, good times, luck, etc. And speak as if their success is not celebration-worthy!

Come on, you worked your ass off to get where you are now. So, just take the damn credit and celebrate it! Why pretend and ruin the beautiful moment?

Okay, I understand you don't wanna let your success to head. But hey, you can take credit for your success, enjoy it to the fullest, and still, not let it go to your head.

So, appreciate your hard work! Relish the sweet fruits of your success! And do it shamelessly!