Sreekar Scribbles

It's never 50:50

I just had a 2.5-hour-long conversation with one of my friends. From movies to books and relationships to parenting — we discussed a ton of things!

While we were discussing parenting, I said "I don't wanna have kids. But if I have, I'd take 50% responsibility for the kid and expect my partner to share the rest. So, it's 50:50!".

Then, my friend said, "Dude! It's never 50:50!".

And I was like "What??".

He continued "Parenting is never 50:50, sometimes it's 80:20, other times it's 60:40, and at times it's 20:80. So, if you wanna be a good parent, you gotta be willing to put in that extra effort without complaining".

Okay, none of us is a parent now but his point really made sense to me. It's so true!

And guess what? It's true for every relationship!

Sometimes, you gotta put in that extra effort and your willingness to do that will sustain your relationship longer.

So, it's never 50:50!