Sreekar Scribbles

Disaster I thought until...

This Friday, I'm going to Banglore. It's my first solo trip! And now, you'd expect me to say "I'm super excited!" but no, not so soon. I've got something else to tell you first.

I just planned this whole trip to meet some of my LinkedIn friends in Banglore. And guess what? The ones who agreed to the meetup are now saying they may not make it.

My first solo trip turned out to be a disaster before it even began! 🥲

I was angry. I was disappointed. And I almost canceled my trip. Yeah almost! But I didn't. Why? 'Coz I realized something.

Even if I don't get a chance to meet my friends, I can still explore the city, taste some food, and make new friends in dorms.

In other words, my first solo trip need not be a disaster. I can turn it into a beautiful experience!

And you know what? I'm super excited to make my first solo trip a beautiful experience!

So, Banglore, I'm cominggg!!!