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Agree, Disagree, My Way

It's so easy to be swayed by the words of someone successful. And when that someone is Derek Sivers, you don't even give it a second thought. You just agree!

I read one of Derek's blog posts, where he discussed his travel experience in Seoul with no mobile.

Derek said "It was a relief to not document everything. I appreciated everything as a one-step process instead of a two-step process. I could just feel amazed, instead of feel amazed and hold up my camera to record it."

Okay, I "agree" with Derek! It's beautiful to live in the moment, instead of trying to capture it.

But guess what? I bumped into one of the comments, where a counter-argument was proposed.

Here it is ⬇️

Sreekar Scribbles

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Okay, now, what do you think about Derek's words? Do you still agree with him? Well, I kind of "disagree" now! 😅

It's beautiful to live in the moment but capturing it doesn't entirely take away its essence. It may even make the experience more beautiful!

So, after these agree-disagree moments, I realized a couple of things:

And these realizations led me to find "my way".

I wanna document things when I feel like it. And when I don't, I'll just live in the moment. In either case, no guilt!

Btw, I'm going on my first solo trip today. And I'm gonna enjoy every moment and document a few!

So, stay tuned! Travel talks and pictures are on your way!